Home tinting is a valuable resource these days with the price of electricity bills sky rocketing everyday!

It is as easy as 1, 2 & 3. There are 3 easy steps to get your tinting done…..

Step 1) Clear the section surrounding the window and clean the window removing any dirt or residue before getting started.

Step 2) Apply the film with a specific solution whilst ensuring no bubbles are left.

Step 3) Fit the film and and clean outside of film for smoother look. Put any moved furniture back and THAT’S IT!!

What Home Tinting options are there?

Reflective Tinting

Perfect for privacy, reduces glares and insulates home efficiently

Neutral film Tinting

Similar to the Reflective Tinting, the Neutral film is also great for privacy and insulation. The only difference is the film is lighter and more naturally aesthetic.

Safety/Security Tinting

Amazing new technology for that added home protection.

For Residential and Commercial projects, we use 3 different films including reflective films, dual reflective films and neutral films.

Reflective Film:

Reflective Film

The reflective film delivers solar control and reduces the prices of electricity bills. Features include:

  • Total solar energy rejected= 78%
  • Glare reduction= 80%
  • UV block= 99%

Dual Reflective Film:

Dual Reflective Film

Dual reflective film is a very popular option for many residential and commercial projects as the interior and exterior can be controlled. The interior can be insulated whilst protecting the exterior from energy and maintaining daytime privacy. Features include:

  • Daytime privacy
  • Low reflective interior
  • UV block= 99%
  • Glare reduction= 85%
  • Total solar energy rejected= 78%

Neutral Films:

Neutral Film

Neutral window films delivers outstanding solar control whilst maintaining a subtle appearance. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Features included:

  • Visible light transmitted= 16%
  • UV block= 99%
  • Glare reduction= 83%
  • Total solar energy rejected= 62%

Frosting Film:

Frosted Film

Perfect for your household. Do you have a door with visible glass on it or a shower with clear glass? Get a quote to ensure that your privacy is protected. Features include:

  • Privacy for the whole family
  • Energy conservation
  • Glare reduction
  • Additional security
  • Aesthetically pleasing