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Many clients adopt the idea of tinting to maintain the privacy within their offices and cut costs of electricity bills. Whether it’s a standard tint or a design tint, here at Tint Shade we have got you covered!

Dual Reflective Film

Perfect for offices and buildings, protection from sun and fading.

Design Window Film

Privacy with an aesthetic look. Can accommodate to any design you prefer. Frost tinting assures daylight privacy and is popular with businesses.

Spectrally Selective Window Film

With the tinting features and benefits minus the darker film. As efficient as a premium film without the shade.

For Residential and Commercial projects, we use 3 different films including reflective films, dual reflective films and neutral films.

Reflective Film:

Reflective Film

The reflective film delivers solar control and reduces the prices of electricity bills. Features include:

  • Total solar energy rejected= 78%
  • Glare reduction= 80%
  • UV block= 99%

Dual Reflective Film:

Dual Reflective Film

Dual reflective film is a very popular option for many residential and commercial projects as the interior and exterior can be controlled. The interior can be insulated whilst protecting the exterior from energy and maintaining daytime privacy. Features include:

  • Daytime privacy
  • Low reflective interior
  • UV block= 99%
  • Glare reduction= 85%
  • Total solar energy rejected= 78%

Neutral Films:

Neutral Film

Neutral window films delivers outstanding solar control whilst maintaining a subtle appearance. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Features included:

  • Visible light transmitted= 16%
  • UV block= 99%
  • Glare reduction= 83%
  • Total solar energy rejected= 62%

Frosting film:

Frosting Film

Frosting films are essential in the privacy of most homes and office they also protect the content inside as well. They can be very versatile and stylish. Features include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be used for interior or exterior
  • Pressure sensitive film has a synthetic liner making it easy to cut logos
  • Rejects solar enegy
  • Glare reduction