1. Darkest Legal Tint
Glare reduction and total solar energy rejection ensures a comfortable drive no matter the weather.

2. New Ceramic Technology
Our premium range using ceramic films maintains the warmth during winter, whilst keeping the car cool during summer.
3. Sun Protection
99%+ UV rays are blocked making the drive well protected especially during summer time.
4. Value For Money
With our competitive and very affordable prices, Tint Shade is the only option for all your tinting services.

5. Security
Tinting films ranging from standard to premium all offer extra protection making any attempts to smash and grab much less appealing compared to a non-tinted window. CAN BE UP TO 7 TIMES STRONGER!!

For Automotive vehicles, we offer three main tinting options all from Avery Dennison which is one of the biggest companies in Australia!

Standard films:

Standard Film

Our standard non-reflective film NR Pro has many features and benefits making it an attractive option for your standard car tint. The NR Pro offers a range of aesthetically pleasing features. Some of these features include:

  • Warm graphite colour
  • Blocks 99%+ UV rays
  • Zero interference with electronic equipment
  • Broad range of transmission levels
  • Glare reduction= 58%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected= 41%
  • Lifetime Warranty

Medium Range films:

Mid-range film

The mid-range film is our high performance tinting option using a metal-dye hybrid and cool charcoal tone. With this upgrade there is a broader range of features including:

  • Warm charcoal colour
  • Premium heat rejection and glare reduction
  • Glare reduction= 58%
  • Darker tints provides extra privacy
  • Blocks 99%+ of harmful UV
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected= 45%
  • Lifetime Warranty

Premium Film:

Premium Film

Our premium range using ceramic film, is the top of range tinting we offer. The ceramic option is the best when it comes to glare reduction and total energy rejected. Features include:

  • Long last colour stability
  • High optical clarity
  • Deep graphic colour
  • Glare reduction= 60%
  • Total Energy Rejected= 54%
  • Lifetime Warranty